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AI NODE 2.0 Buildbox 3

With this Custom Node, you can create Unique Gameplay. Works with both 2D and 3D games. With this Node, you can set enemies to chase Character or target, Rotate towards the target (Turret Rotation), Shoot Towards target, Magnet Power-up System or Mixed One Depends on your Gameplay Need. Comes With 2d and 3d Example Usage.

To Get Started Read Documentation.

Current Version 2.0.

what's New ?

Code Optimized

Enabled Dynamic Physics Feature. Now you can use Jump Node with AI Node

object will not go through each other.

Last Version V1.4

Whats New ?

• Fixed Rotation Problem With Look At Target Function .

• Added Ignore Y Axis for Look At Target.

• Fixed Attribute Order

• Added ChildIndex variable in Projectile Node

• Added Turret shooting System Example

Last Version V1.3

This Update Feature as 2d Mode Update. Currently, we don't have 3d Animation Support So I haven,t touch 3d part yet. You can still use this with 3dMode.

What's New

Added New Function Flip.

Added Bonus Topdown Project Which Includes Following New Nodes.

Added 2d Platformer Controller Node. Useful For Creating Topdown 2d Games can be used in 3d Mode as well. You just need to modify a little bit of Code.

Added New Node Mouse Rotate.

Added New Node Follow Mouse.

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  • Buildbox Version3.3.7
  • Coded By7Studiodev
  • Supported VersionWorks With Both 2D & 3D


AI NODE 2.0 Buildbox 3

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